Prince 16A

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Bar type camera looking like a later basic 110 camera with a fake light meter diffuser on the front. The Prince used 17.5mm paper-backed roll film as the "HIT" type cameras of the same period to make 14x16mm images. Indeed the fixed focus lens and simple I/B shutter are very much like those found on many Hit subminiatures.

See "Spy Camera" page 80 Michael Pritchard and Douglas St. Denny.

Model Prince 16A
Finish/colour dull black metal and plastic
Lens Fixed
Shutter I and B
Aperture f/10.0
Film Door lock  
Dimensions 91x33x46mm (width x height x depth)
Weight 90g
Purchased 2005/09/25
Date of Manufacture 1960
Cost 161GBP
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay *2005/09/25 161GBP, 2007/02/27 229USD

Last Updated on 27th February 2007