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The Snappy is a heavy Hit type subminiature camera with an all metal body. It was introduced in 1949 (hence engraved "Made in Occupied Japan"),  by Konishiroku Kogaku, one of Japan's oldest camera traders, now known as Konica. The camera has the interchangeable Optor f3.5, 25mm lens on it. Behind the lens is a Guillotine shutter with marked speeds of B, 1/25, 1/50 and 1/100 s with f stops on the lens of 3.5-16 lens adjusted by turning the front thumb wheel around the lens.

The Snappy is well made and looks like a miniature Exacta. It came in an elegant box shaped to fit it unusual contours and included a leather case.  A special Cherry Telephoto lens f5.6, 40 mm was available (see below).

Because the camera is definitively better than the usual 17.5mm models the results are more than passable - enlargements to 11.5x11.5cm could definitely be made from the 14x14mm negatives.

There are at least two variations, one has "PATENTS" engraved on the top plate, the others does not.

There is also a rare Cherry telephoto lens for the Snappy.

Last Updated on 4th October 2004