Top Camera from Maruso

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The Top Camera from Maruso  was introduced in 1965. It has nothing to do with the post war Top Camera Company which produced a camera embossed "TOP" on the name plate and which took 18x18mm images.


A horizontal aspect camera looking more like the Minolta 16 and Mamiya 16 cameras but uses 17.5mm HIT roll film and having typical HIT features with fixed focus 25mm f8 lens and shutter I and B,

Two versions were made. The most common version has a combination eye level viewfinder and waist level finder and is finished in grey enamel. The second version has only an eye level viewfinder.

Top II

Most model II cameras are an improvement of the previous version. The Maruso Top II lacks is single speed lacking the B setting.

Two versions have been reported, one with a black front panel (below) and the other grey used in the Spy 14 kit.

Spy 14

The Spy 14 kit was a Top II camera having a grey front panel with a case, film and a developing tank.

Last Updated on 29th August 2007