The Vestkam along with the Beauty, Corona, Epochs, Hope, Midget Model III, Mighty, Micro, Mycro IIIA, Myracle Model II, Rocket, Tacker and Vesta are the top of the hit list.  It is is most similar to the Beauty 14, Meteor and Epochs.

TKK, Vestkam manufactured in 1949 is stamped "Made in occupied JAPAN" and "FOR AMERICAN HOME INDUSTRIES INC" on the base plate. It is a heavy metal Hit style camera with a 25mm f/4.5 lens, three shutters speeds of  B,1/25 and 1/50  second. The Vestkam was supplied in a boxed shaped to it's angular contours.

Model Vestkam
Finish/colour chrome, black leatherette
Lens Vestkam 20mm f4.5
Shutter B, 1/25-1/50
Aperture Fixed
Film Door lock sliding bar
Case Stamped "Vestkam" on the front and "Made in Occupied Japan" on the base
Dimensions 58 x 34 x 35 mm (width x height x depth)
Weight 108g
Purchased 2002/06/30
Date of Manufacture 1949
Cost 148.05USD
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2002/06/24 118.50USD, 2002/07/14 130.50USD, 2002/07/29 119.50USD, 2002/08/10 18USD (one-tenth of normal price), *2002/11/02 199.55USD, 2002/12/09 212.50USD, 2002/10/27 154.50USD (boxed), 2003/02/07 103.51USD, *2003/06/30 148.05USD (box), 2003/07/13 129.50USD (boxed), 2003/07/29 152.51USD (filter), 2003/08/24 81.01USD, 2004/01/15 154.50USD (box and case), 2004/02/04 183.50USD, 2004/03/07 133.50USD, 2004/03/24 72USD (box), 2004/06/10 113.50USD (box), 2004/06/21 54USD (filter with case), 2004/07/19 86.90USD, 2004/08/24 66USD (case), 2004/09/04 67.76USD, 2004/09/29 66USD, 2004/12/19 151.49USD, 2005/01/13 79USD (case), 2005/03/30 141.35USD (case, box), 2005/06/15 70USD (box, case), 2005/07/09 99USD (case, box), 2005/09/25 33.33GBP (case), 2005/10/16 39.99GBP, 2005/11/07 113.68USD (case), 2006/01/12 60USD, 2006/02/16 72USD (case), 2007/03/13 106.18USD (box), 2007/10/11 56USD

From Yahoo Group : SubminiaturePhotograph2

"The Vestkam is one of four similar cameras. The other three were Epochs, Beauty, and Meteor. And it was pretty cool walking around with a 'shirt pocket camera' back in (ahem) '49.

The differences are worth knowing. Of the three I preferred to use the Beauty, because I found that although the Vestkam was smoother in the pocket than say a Sanwa Mycro, it's Ever-set shutter would go off as you took the camera out of your pocket. The Beauty required you to set the shutter with one lever, and make the exposure with another, which saved film. But as long as you're aware of this as you take the camera out of your pocket, or purse. You can go ahead and reload the spool with any film you want to cut down from 35mm with your splitter. The yellow paper from 110 Kodacolor is more visible through the red window than 110 Fujifilm which uses black paper.

Remember to close the red window after you've advanced the film. And if you're going to use something like Tmax 3200 it may be best not to open the window at all, or do so v-e-r-y carefully.

Another thing to be aware of, is that most of the roll film cameras of that vintage used a soft metal clip to hold the supply side roll in place. It provided just the right amount of tension to keep the film flat going under the pressure plate. Without it, the focal point changes to about 10 ft. If you find that your camera will only do close-ups, you need a clip.

You can make a replacement in less than an hour using the soft metal from a sardine can lid, or one of those 'pot pies'." Al Doyle Jan 17, 2001 

The dealer's boxed contained 6 cameras.

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