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The collection of Hit 17.5mm subminiature cameras and accessories was began in 2002 with the majority collected from Ebay. Here are details on this collection and related information about subminiature photography.

For additional coverage on 17.5mm subminiature cameras see Books.

To assist in searching out 17.5mm/HIT cameras use the Ebay hot search menu (see side panel) and shops with web sites at the One Stop Shop.


If you would like a desktop wall paper of HIT cameras open up one at 1920x1200, 1200x768 different cameras using 17.5mm film.

Set at 1280x1024 one, two, three, four, five, six, seven

The Collection

There are 449 variations listed here, indicating that there are over 450 variations and different cameras using the 17.5mm roll film. This collection consists of a small, but growing, selection of those.

The list contains details of the cameras and accessories, including cases, manuals, boxes and an estimate of the current price for the item, and further information. There are also photographs with views top, bottom, front, back of each item. 


Photographs taken with various 17.5mm  subminiature cameras.



Few books on subminiature photography are still in print. Fortunately some are available electronically.


Information on UK, German and international shops where subminiature cameras are often sold with Web links and e-mail addresses. Also details on World Wide Web links and home pages of users of Subminiature cameras.


What is subminiature photography all about and why? Here are some quotes that might help you gain an insight into those who use these specialized cameras and why.


Although some subminiature cameras are not too difficult to find they are often without manuals. Here are links to manuals posted on other sites as well as those available here. For Hit cameras and other 17.5mm roll film cameras the instructions are often no more than a tissue paper with instructions on where to send the films for processing.

Other References

An article by Hubert E.Heckmann, in German,  is on-line at

An article on collecting Hit type cameras by Tim Goldsmith is at ePHOTOzine

An excellent web site dedicated to finding the variations in Mycro and Mighty cameras is at  Contract the site owner Hirofumi for details

For coverage on 17.5mm subminiature cameras see SubClub ( and where you can order Hit Project 2003 - a reference work from the collection of Michael  Parker. Michael can boast of 15 variations in the QP and 17 distinct brown CMC cameras among his extensive collection of over 400 different HIT cameras.

Discussion about HIT cameras is located at Yahoo Groups: Hit_Camera_Collectors.

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