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The first Japanese cameras to use the Bolta film where the Boltax I, II and II manufactured by Miyagawa Seisakusho in Tokyo, Japan in 1938. These cameras have small barrel shaped viewfinders and fitted with a Picner Anastigmat f4.5 40mm lens.

Model I has a Picny-D 25-100, B shutter.

Model II & III have accessory shoe and had a removable waist level finder.

The Silver is exactly the same as the Dan Model II. It is possible that Boltax cameras were continued after the war with what remained from earlier production.

The Dan Camera Works, Tokyo, Japan later became Yamato Camera Industry (Yamato Koki Kogyo Co. Ltd) maker of Pax cameras. The overall finish of the Dan 35 cameras, with their limited features makes for poor quality results.

Dan 35 Model I

The Dan 35 Model I was made between 1946 and 1948. It takes 15 exposures on paper backed 35mm wide Bolta-sized roll film. Removable top, Dan Anastigmat f4.5 40mm lens. Silver B shutter B, 25-100.

Dan Model II

Dan Model II was manufactured between 1948 and 1950, similar to the Model I but with body serial number, automatic frame counter and removable bottom.

Dan Model III

Dan Model III was manufactured in 1949 and took 24x32mm exposures on Bolta size roll film. Silver B shutter B, 25-100.

Dan 35 IV

A Photavit copy. Rare.

Minon 35

Yamamoto Camera Co manufactured the Minon 35 in 1949 has an Eira Anastigmat f3.5 40mm lens and shutter speeds of 1/25-1/100, B. It bares a strong resemblance to the Dan 35 cameras; the Dan Super 35 has the same lens.


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