Contax T-2 black

The Contax T-2 updated the Contax T in 1990. The hinged front door was replaced by a disappearing lens cover. A tiny flash is built in, but at the expense of an accessory shoe. Infrared auto focusing with manual focus option, Fully programmed exposure.

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Specifications for the Contax T-2:


Carl Zeiss Sonnar 2.8/38 retractable lens.
Auto & manual focusing.
Aperture Priority/Program AE Plus
+/- 2EV Exposure compensation in 1/3-step increments. f2.8 -f16
Built in flash.
Optional Red-eye pre-flash.
Automatic and fill flash.
Motorized film auto load, advance and rewind.
DX film speed setting.
Auto retracting titanium lens cover.
Self timer.
Shutter speed range from 1/500 to 10 minutes.
Titanium body, also finished in black
Weight 295g without battery

Last updated 14th January 2008