Contax TVS (Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar 3.5-6.5/28-56 Lens)

The Contax TVS (VS= Vario-Sonnar) is a compact and sturdy camera, and it comes with a mechanical zoom that is like no other point and shoot camera. What is more is that you get to experience a super sharp 28-56mm f3.5-5.6 Carl Zeiss T* Zoom lens that provides an exceedingly high standard of photographic excellence. Exposure compensation adjustment.  Electronic override of auto focus.  Can be used in Program for fully automatic exposure or as an aperture priority automatic.  Has a panoramic switch.  Retracting lens for portability.

Ebay 2004/05/28 178.26USD, 2004/10/31 206.01GBP, 2005/06/05 163.50USD, 2006/06/04 220USD, 2006/06/05 242.53USD, 2006/06/09 155GBP, 2006/11/24 155.10USD (box), 2006/11/24 179.50USD, 2006/11/26 202EUR (box), 2007/03/15 148.89EUR (case), 2007/03/18 168.89EUR (box), 2007/04/10 222.50USD (box), 2007/04/15 123.98EUR, 2007/04/24 202.50USD, 2007/06/18 143EUR, 2007/08/23 249.99USD, 2007/12/16 231EUR (box), 2008/01/03 169.09USD, 2008/01/05 224.50USD, 2008/03/14 128.50EUR, 2008/04/28 300USD (box, filters),  2008/05/03 149.50USD (box)

hard case: 2007/04/24 46USD

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Last updated 4th May 2008