Contax TVS III

Photographs taken with the Contax Tvs III display the incomparable optical quality photographers have come to expect from Contax and Carl Zeiss T* optics. Designed exclusively for the new Tvs III, the Carl Zeiss T* 30-60mm power zoom lens provides the ultimate in high resolution, colour saturation and contrast. This advanced, extremely precise lens is comprised of 6 elements in 5 groups with a high-speed shutter that remains virtually round at every f-stop. Additionally, the Vario Sonnar 30-60mm lens utilizes the legendary Carl Zeiss T* coating which virtually eliminates lens flare. The Tvs III incorporates sophisticated automatic features with manual override capabilities which give the photographer the versatility of a Single Lens Reflex type camera in a very small portable package. Available exposure modes are Program AE and Aperture Priority AE plus exposure compensation for added creative control. The Tvs III utilizes a highly accurate passive auto focus system for sharp, crystal clear images. Manual focus and Spot AF are standard.

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Classic Compact Contax.
The Tvs III combines sophisticated automatic features with manual override capabilities in a compact camera that delivers the versatility of an SLR. Program AE and Aperture Priority AE provide useful exposure options and exposure compensation adds creative control. The Carl Zeiss T* Vario-Sonnar 30-60mm zoom lens, designed exclusively for the Tvs III, provides the ultimate in high resolution, color saturation and contrast.

Camera Features

Carl Zeiss T* Vario-Sonnar 30-60mm Zoom Lens.  Considered by many to be the highest resolving compact zoom lens, the Vario-Sonnar mounted on the Tvs III is a wonder of small size and high performance. The lens is composed of six elements in five groups, including two aspheric surfaces and one element made from anomalous dispersion glass.

High-Speed Between-the-Lens Shutter. The centrally located shutter in the Tvs III provides even illumination and high shutter speeds up to 1/1000 second. These high speeds are vital to minimizing camera movement. At the long end of the exposure scale, the Tvs III is capable of creating 16-second exposures automatically.

Aperture Priority and Programmed Exposure Modes.  Select aperture priority mode for control over depth of field – the camera will set the appropriate shutter speed based upon the f/stop selected. In programmed AE mode, the camera sets both f/stop and shutter speed automatically, leaving you free to concentrate on image composition.

Titanium and Sapphire Construction. The Tvs III features an elegant and rugged titanium exterior with a unique stipple finish developed exclusively for Contax. And all the openings are covered with extremely scratch-resistant sapphire glass.

Motorized Lens Protection System (MLPS). The Tvs III offers full protection of all front glass surfaces, including the lens, via a large door on the camera front. This door closes when power is turned off, protecting the viewfinder system as well as the Carl Zeiss T* lens.

Five Programmable Flash Modes. The Tvs III may be programmed to use any flash mode as the default including auto, fill-in, red-eye reduction, low-light and no flash.

Built-In Data. Back Every Tvs III comes supplied with a built-in data back allowing the recording of time of day, date and year. Even so, the Tvs III measures just over 4.5 inches wide.

Three Programmable Custom Functions

1. Leave the leader out or wind it inside
2. Lens movement timed upon first press of shutter release or with shutter release
3. Spot or wide-field focusing

Reviews and Awards

Popular Photography - December 2000
"This small camera thinks big - as in big control buttons that are easy to press and big numbers and letters on the back LCD panel that are gloriously legible."

"If pride of ownership is as important to you as fine performance, this may be the compact for you."

Peterson’s Photographic - March 2000
"Add superb optics, striking industrial design and fine craftsmanship, and you have a model that could be termed an 'instant classic.'"

"The Tvs III also incorporates a number of custom functions, so that you can tailor exposure and focus operation to your specific style of shooting."

"If you’re looking for a pocketable camera with great optics and uncompromising design, this one is hard to beat."

Popular Photography - February 2000
"The Tvs III is beautifully made, with as solid a fit and fine a finish as you’ll see on any camera.

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