Robin 35 M II

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The Robin 35 MII is an evolution of the Robin 35, known from a single example pictured in Sugiyama.The Collectors Guide to Japanese Cameras. 

The format is now 24x28mm, the viewfinder is larger than on the other models. Robin 35 M II, and HOKUTO CO are engraved on the top plate.

The camera has a number of differences from the previous model. The picture size is now 2428mm, and the viewfinder is slightly enlarged. The top casing has sharp edges and extends under the advance knob as well. The top of the advance knob has a bright metal finish, and the switch on the side seems modified. The exposure counter consists of a single disc contained inside the top casing and visible through a crescent-shaped window.

An accessory shoe is added above the viewfinder. The name is engraved in front of the shoe, certainly . appears behind the exposure counter window.

The leaf shutter is larger, B, 10–200 speeds selected by turning the rim, engraved H.K.T. at the bottom. The lens is a Robiner Anastigmat 40mm f/3.5 again. The example pictured in Sugiyama has lens no.3040.


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