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Kashiwa Seiko Co., in 1949, manufactured a small 35mm camera with the strange 24x26mm format.

At least two models where made. The more expensive used a Cooky Runer anstigmat f2.8 40mm lens, while the cheaper Cooky 35 sported a Cooky Zephyr f3.5 40mm lens otherwise the two camera are identical. Shutter speeds of 1/25 - 1/100 with an eye level optical viewfinder

The Robin 35 with engraving Hokuto Co and lens marked Robiner Anastigmat 40mm f/3.5, is an otherwise identical camera but the later Robin 35MII uses 24x28mm format.

Photographs courtesy of Ali (eBayer mbenz-s600)

Photograph of Robin 35 courtesy of Ali (eBayer mbenz-s600)


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