Ducati Sogno "PER COLLABORATORE DUCATI" / "NON CEDIBILE" (no bevel drive)

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DUCATI-camera, model "SOGNO" (="Dream"), OR6401.1, 18x24. Lens: Ducati-VITOR 1:3.5, 35mm, shutter speeds: 1/20 to 1/500. This model was produced from 1946 to 1952. By the series number 03262, this camera should be made in 1950. Very special is the engravement "PER COLLABORATORE DUCATI" and "NON CEDIBILE", that means that it was not for sale but given as a gift to someone within the DUCATI-company.

The SOGNO (in comparison to the more economic camera "SIMPLEX") is the top range version, often called "The Italian LEICA". Its interchangeable lenses and rangefinder were revolutionary for its time. Shown with the camera are a "PRONTO" ever-ready-type leather bag, also stamped "DUCATI" and an orange filter, usually used to optimize black&white photographs.


Ebay  2004/12/05 1303USD (case, #3262), 2005/09/26 1200USD (case, #766)

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