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"KIEV" resembles "KNEB" in Roman letters. The Arsenal logo is found on various cameras and lenses. The first two digits of serial numbers indicate the year of manufacture. Kiev Arsenal manufactured many clones of German and Japanese cameras, the Kiev 35A being a clone of the Minox 35EL.


Exxell Automatic

Name variant of the Kiev 35A. It was sold for a short time in 1993 in Germany and them Minox had a court injunction to stop distribution.

Kiev 35A (KNEB 35A)

KOPCAP f2.8 35mm lens automatic exposure a Minox 35EL copy. Known light leak problems, even with later production samples requiring the inside of the film chamber to be matt black painted. Minox had a similar problem with the first production of the Minox 35EL but recalled and replaced the cameras.

Light leaks with the Kiev 35A is not the only problem. When the cameras work they are brilliant, but getting a good sample can be hard work. Reported faults include:-

  • Batteries don't work for long, a week at the most (short circuit)
  • Opaque shutter, the shutter is just not black enough and light comes through
  • Light leak from the back or sides
  • Film advance does not work
  • Needle does not move
  • Electronics just fail

The finish is a dark greenish brown and has a textured, easier to grip, surface than the Minox 35EL/AL/GL/PL cameras.

Listed price new is 175USD (September 2005) but can be found under 40USD.

Ebay 2004/08/08 17.12GBP (box), *2004/08/12 27.50USD (box)

Kiev 35a Camera Specifications:

Film type: 35mm
Image size: 24x36 mm
Lens: 35mm f2.8
Focusing scale: from 0.5 m to infinity
Aperture scale: f2 to f16
Shutter type: black metal coil focal plane shutter with vertical traverse
Shutter speeds (seconds): Continuously variable
Flash synchronization: type X sync, through hot shoe connection
Maximum shutter speed for flash synch: 1/60th second
Metering Full-aperture metering: ISO settings of 50, 100, 200, 400, and 800
Power source: 6 volts (Maxell LR-44 or equivalent), four required
Frame counter: to 36 exposures, with auto-reset
Size: 5.7 x 3.4 x 3.9 inches (145 x 87 x 98 millimeters)
Weight: 0.2 kg



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Last updated 16th September 2005