Introduction and contents

Construzioni Ottico Meccaniche Italia (C.O.M.I.) of Rome, Italy manufactured the Luxia in 1949. It is a small half-frame camera, similar to the Ducati, with a Delmäk f2.9 27mm lens, between the lens shutter with speeds 1/25 - 1/250 s.

It's small size, quality finish in silver or gold plate and genuine reptile or pigskin body covering in a choice of red, green, beige, blue or black make it of particular interest to subminiature camera collectors.

Unable to complete head to head with the Simplex or Sogno the COMI Luxia's target were the well heed socialites. After three years production creased.

Luxia I Chrome plated

The Luxia I was only available in chrome plating. The black leather version now fetching 700-1000USD and coloured leather 1200-1800USD.

Luxia II Silver plated

The Luxia II was sold with silver or gold plating. Current prices are 1200-1800USD.

Luxia II Gold plated




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