Databack - Minox 35mm

The databacks for the Minox 35mm look very similar but are not interchangeable across model family groups. The retaining clip is different on the GT and ML versions. The are also a silver GT-X and GT-S versions and soft grey for the GT-E II

The date range is restricted going from 1980 until 2019.

35 D databack for GT
* 02/02/06 25GBP
02/10/28 56EUR
03/07/20 35.38EUR
03/10/06 40EUR
04/02/15 31.55EUR
04/02/15 35EUR
05/01/08 61EUR03/11/24 31.51EUR
07/06/08 31.49EUR

35 data back 35ML
02/04/26 33.83EUR box

GT series ASA 800


35ML version ASA 1600

D35 for GT-X


Last Updated on 10th June 2007