Shoulder bags - Minox 35mm

Carry all case has internal partitions for 35mm camera, small flash unit or MT 35 / TC 35 bounce flash.

Ebay Carry All bag
01/11/18 76DEM
02/01/13 10USD
02/03/22 9.50USD
02/04/27 50USD
02/05/17 39GBP
03/06/12 39.99USD
03/11/30 10EUR
06/06/17 55USD

The carry all should bag is practical, but not perhaps as elegant as the soft calf leather ladies shoulder bag. The soft calf leather ladies shoulder bag has inside pockets for filers in the button down flap and dividers to keep the camera separate from flash unit and film.

Ebay 2006/05/06 9.99USD, 2007/09/28 18.29USD (box), 2008/05/24 29.95USD

Hard case for camera and flash Ebay 2002/07/26 23.49EUR


Last Updated on 5th June 2008