AL (white) - Minox 35mm

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The white version of the AL is painted white. There never was a white dye plastic used in either the AL or EC cameras. And Minox state that no white EC cameras were ever in production. The white of the AL does become off white with age and handling by some users (another reason not to smoke).

The Minox 35AL follows on from the Minox 35PL in 1987. It is a simplified model with pictographs for sun, partial cloud and cloud to set the aperture. It is fixed focus from 1.2m (5ft) to infinity with a 35mm f/4 Color-Minar lens. In some respects it is a converted GT and not a descendant of the PL.

Features include:-

The back light key is again the same place as with the EL

A green LED is for the battery test and a red LED for under and over exposure warning.

Designed to extend the market for the Minox 35mm range the camera did not match the success of the PL or GT. The white version made a change from the all black cameras and was matched with a white FA35 electronic flash. The white AL is a thin coating over the black AL Makrolon and this is apparent if the camera is scratched or the finish worn thin.

The black AL has a white release button but the white AL has a red button. The battery cover on both is black.

The ISO film setting is on the front of the lens and so the base of the camera has no dial or markings.

The camera has also been seen with a white canvas and leather pouch case.

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01/09/02 227DEM
01/10/03 160DEM
02/02/19 90EUR box
02/10/27 73EUR
03/02/16 81EUR box
03/03/17 82EUR
03/04/16 104.40EUR box
03/05/25 85EUR
03/07/28 132.50USD
03/09/19 100GBP
03/09/19 81EUR
03/10/04 68GBP
03/10/05 68GBP boxed
03/10/18 78EUR
03/10/26 68EUR
03/12/16 69EUR
04/01/03 84EUR
04/01/03 84EUR
04/01/19 32.30EUR
04/06/19 52EUR
04/06/28 133.50USD
04/07/11 37.50EUR
04/08/03 41.49EUR
04/09/26 54.53EUR
04/09/30 83GBP
04/11/02 26.49EUR
04/12/03 79EUR
05/02/19 32.50EUR
05/03/26 133.50USD with Fiat logo
05/05/01 92EUR
05/09/10 70.50EUR boxed
05/09/30 71EUR
05/10/23 56EUR
05/11/27 66EUR
06/05/01 33.60EUR
06/05/24 138.50USD (case)
06/06/11 76.10EUR
07/02/26 66.02EUR
07/04/26 49.82GBP
07/05/06 36.01GBP (case)
07/11/03 159.27USD (box)
07/11/27 49GBP
07/12/11 117.50USD
08/01/17 39.07GBP (box)
08/01/23 65.99EUR (box)
08/02/04 42AUD (19.29GBP)
08/02/16 76EUR boxed
08/03/15 163.50USD
08/07/15 93.88USD

With FA35 flash
*01/09/20 256DEM
01/12/02 193DEM
02/08/01 151EUR
03/11/08 63.90EUR
04/06/30 99EUR
04/07/18 101EUR white pouch
04/09/12 94GBP
05/08/14 54.50EUR
04/07/19 55EUR
06/04/21 25.39EUR
06/06/05 221EUR (box, white case, filter)
06/07/06 77.87EUR (cases)
06/11/26 72.77EUR
06/11/26 78.01EUR
07/01/14 61EUR (box for camera and flash)
07/06/10 82.72EUR

08/04/23 50.47GBP (case)

Last Updated on 13th August 2008