CD112 (black) - Minox 35mm

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The CD112 was launched at the same time as the CD70 at the 1996 Photokina. With a similar specification to the CD70 it  adds further flash functions allowing the flash to be fired manually during a long exposure and the Minoctar lens has a zoom range of 38 to 112mm and a close focusing distance of 80cm (2.8ft).

The CD70 has a slider for the zoom located on the front of the camera. The CD112 has a dial with short lever resembling a film advance wheel.

The camera shown here is with a databack.

The CD112 was made available in silver with a black surround to the lens and also in ALL BLACK.

02/12/29 71EUR
04/07/17 45.10EUR
*05/04/05 43.36EUR


Last Updated on 30th September 2005