CD128 - Minox 35mm

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Autofocus-Compact-Camera width 3-times zoom

Versatile, compact, fast and reliable:
The new Autofocus compact camera MINOX CD 128 with 3-times Zoom

With the new CD 128 and its 3-times zoom lens MINOX is launching another Autofocus Compact Camera, which thanks to its versatility turns every subject into an unforgettable souvenir. Minimal dimensions and easy handling combined with maximum optical performance, make the CD 128 to be the ideal camera for every occasion.


MINOX lens 38 mm - 128 mm (5 lens elements in 5 groups)
Film transport:
Fully automatic film transport, automatic reversing
Automatically controlled shutter
Focusing range:
0.7 m to infinity
Automatic, pre-flash for "red-eye reduction", self timer, macro, battery control, fill-in flash, infinity mode
Lithium battery 3V (CR-123)
120 x 66.5 x 49.5 mm
254 g (without battery and film)
Other features:
- Panoramic format
- Integrated automatic programmable flash with guide number 11 (at ISO 100)
- Automatic switch off after 5 minutes
- Active infrared autofocus
- Tripod socket
Order No.:

04/05/23 31USD
04/07/15 39.66GBP
04/09/05 27.50EUR
04/11/02 32.77EUR
04/11/08 45.59EUR
04/11/16 28.50EUR
05/07/16 66.70EUR
05/07/24 56.51EUR
05/07/31 54.51EUR
06/01/20 16.50USD (DB)
06/06/28 40.50EUR (black)
06/07/05 69EUR (DB)
07/02/26 3.17EUR
07/04/15 12.50EUR

Last Updated on 5th January 2008