CD150 - Minox 35mm

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Top optical performance combined with an extremely compact design

Featuring the well-proven MINOXAR lens that already helped the 35 mm classic MINOX-GT camera range to fame through its high speed and outstanding imaging performance, the MINOX CD 150 now sets new standards in the compact camera sector.

The imposing focal length range of 38-150 mm gives the photographer more creative freedom and flexibility. By tapping the zoom selector button the lens runs through the entire zoom range and is whisper quiet. The lens system which has been designed using the latest CAD computer systems, has 7 individual lens elements arranged in three groups.

Enhanced contrast and natural rendition of the entire colour spectrum are achieved with the multiple coating of the lens elements. When working with the fully automatic autofocus system even fast-moving objects are easy to capture. For demanding situations, such as backlit subjects, the fully automatic flash unit can also be manually controlled. The "red eye" effect is entirely eliminated by an additional pre-flash feature. The outer body design of the MINOX CD 150 features a special soft-touch lacquer. This awards the camera a distinct elegance and makes it feel good in your hand.

The MINOX CD 150 comes with a practical belt case, neck strap and battery and is the ideal companion for every situation. A databack is also available for the MINOX CD 150 which imprints the date and time. Both cameras will be available from stockists as from February 2003 for EUR 249.- (with databack).

Technical Data


04/02/27 80EUR
04/02/29 76EUR
04/05/23 76USD
04/06/04 58GBP
04/06/17 89GBP
05/11/08 40.62EUR
06/11/28 34.60EUR

CD150DB (as shown here)
05/02/04 68.58EUR boxed

The soft finish of this camera is prone to wear. After only carrying the camera for a short while, and always in it's supplied case and before the end of the first film the finish is peeling off.

Last Updated on 15th October 2006