CD155 - Minox 35mm

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Maximum optical performance in itís most compact design 

The Minox CD 155 is equipped with the legendary MINOXAR-lens. This lens made MINOX GT-camera range a classic of the 35 mm cameras thanks to the high light intensity and it's excellent performance. The MINOX CD 155 sets new standards in compact cameras.

The enormous focal distance range of 38 - 155 mm offers the photographer more creative freedom. When you tap the zoom selector, the lens silently moves through the zoom range. The lens system of 9 lens elements in 7 groups is developed by modern CAD computer systems.

The multi-coating of the lenses enhances the contrast and the true live colour spectrum.

The MINOX CD 155 will be a good companion for wearers of eye glasses due to the eyesight adjustment on the viewfinder.

With a soft release pressure, the fully automatic auto-focus system will be activated and even fast moving objects can be "frozen" easily. Thanks to the additional pre-flash the "red-eye-effect" is eliminated. The fully automatic flash can also be used manually in critical light conditions.

To put landscape shots in the right light format, the MINOX CD 155 offers an additional panorama format, which adjusts the film format from 2:3 to 16:9.

The body of the new MINOX CD 155 is coated with a special "soft-touch-lacquer", which gives the camera a simple elegance.

The MINOX CD 155 is a lightweight camera that will be delivered with a practical belt case and battery and will also be available with databack for imprinting day and time or date. It is a permanent companion for all situations.

MINOXAR lens 38 - 155 mm (9 lens elements in 7 groups), Focusing range from 0,8 m to infinity (31.4 in to infinity), Active infrared autofocus
automatic, pre-flash, self timer, macro
Film transport:
Automatic film transport and automatic rewind
Other features:
- Panorama format
- Automatically controlled shutter
- Automatic flash integrated, guide number 11 (at ISO 100)
- Cameras shuts off automatically after 5 minutes
- Imprinting of date and time with optional databack (MINOX CD 155)
Power supply:
lithium battery 3V (CR-123)
Tripod socket:
121 x 66,5 x 54 mm (4.8 x 2.6 x 2.2 in)
272 g / 9.6 oz
case, cord, batteries
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Last Updated on 4th August 2007