CD29 (chrome) - Minox 35mm

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At the end of 1997 Minox unexpectedly launched their fourth CD line camera, the CD 29. This was designed as a result of a collaboration with the Volkswagen design studios. A striking camera looking like a slightly larger CD25. It has a 29mm f4 Minoctar lens and optional panoramic function.

It features

Available in silver or black, with optional databack.

In 2004 remaining stocks of the CD29 where offered by Minox for 29EURO (CD29 in silver) and 39EURO for the CD29 in black with databack (although at club meetings offered the silver version with databack and the black version without). These previously sold for 99 and 119EURO.

03/10/14 26GBP
06/01/20 21.50USD

Last Updated on 20th January 2006