Compared Views - Minox 35mm

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The three views comparing the cameras are best viewed on screens with at least 1024x768 resolution.

 1024x768 35mm cameras viewed from the front

From the top, left hand column GL, PE, PL, AL white, AL black and EL.

Second column, MB Service camera, MB, ML, GT Decade, GT Golf, GT.

Third column, Goldknoff, GSE, MDC gold, MDC, Touring.

Fourth column, GT-S, GT-EII, GT-X, AF and GT-E.

1024x512 35mm cameras, closed, viewed from the top

There is a version of the GT Golf that is labelled "GT Sport" and the GT-X was sold also without the 50th Year engraving in the viewfinder. The AF model does not have a lens cover and the lens is fixed in place but it is of a similar size and resembles the classic Minox 35.

A slight re-arrangement in the photograph below with the GSE being place behind the GT and the AF behind the goldknoff.

1024x600 35mm family viewed from the top


Last Updated on 4th June 2004