Goldknopf - Minox 35mm

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The 35 Goldknopf is basically a Minox 35 GT-E but

The name comes from the shutter release button being made of solid 14 carat gold.  There is also a gold tint around the lens, but so has the GT-E.

It is heavier than the GT-E, 208g to 194g due more to the databack and it's battery than gold button and contacts. The camera body of the goldknopf is 2g heavier than of the GT-E.

This understated camera numbers 725, and so it is rare. Reputed to be Minox's best ever 35mm for built and image quality the results from it certain equal those of the Minox 35ML and 35GT-X.

The lens is a MC Minoxar with close focus to 70cm and has a filled skylight filter.

Two lithium CR1/3N batteries are used and the battery cap has been replaced with a battery holder.

Aperture settings f2.8; 4; 5.6; 8; 11, 16. From right to the left increasing.

Focus settings (in metres) : 0,7; 0,8; 0,9; 1; 1,2; 1,5; 2; 3; 5; 10; Infinity.

ISO range 25 to 1600, white numbers on a black metallic label.

When inserting a new battery the default date is 1st January 1980, hard work to get the date set into the 21st Century.

03/05/16 201EUR
03/07/06 190EUR
04/09/19 102.90EUR FC35ST
06/05/28 259EUR
06/12/17 301USD
07/11/29 167.50USD (box)

Last Updated on 8th July 2008