GSE- Minox 35mm

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First made in 1991 the GSE uses a special quickshot setting which selects appropriate shutter speed against an aperture guaranteed to provide a depth of field from 2-25m (6.5-82ft). It also offers aperture priority automatic exposure with the automatically selected shutter speeds shown by a needle in the viewfinder. 

The UK catalogue of IX/1992 is over stamp "NOT AVAILABLE IN THE UK".

The GSE corresponds to a modernised GT. All control elements are identical. The innovations are rather "internal" nature and all following model have the same "internal" equipment:

It has a green shutter release button, green mark on the dept of field scale, a Minotar lens and uses 2 CR1/3N batteries in an adapter.

Aperture f2.8; 4; 5.6; 8; 11, 16. From right to the left increasing.

Focal distance in metres: 0.9; 1; 1.2; 1.5; 2; 3; 5; 10; Infinity.

Price in 1994 was 499DEM.

02/08/14 61.01EUR
02/08/24 122EUR
02/09/22 136EUR box
03/01/12 38.70EUR
* 03/02/22 104.01EUR box, FC35
03/09/07 112EUR set with flash
03/09/14 91EUR
03/10/05 69EUR
* 03/10/26 54EUR
03/11/02 61EUR
03/11/03 81.55EUR
04/06/28 67EUR
07/02/07 185.50USD
08/06/26 99.99USD


Last Updated on 30th June 2008