GT 1600 - Minox 35mm

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The third camera in the Minox 35mm series the 35 GT was launched in September 1981. It made several improvements over previous models.

It also features:-

Very much in keeping with the times when all cars seem to come out in a GT version. This is particularly apt as there was a limited edition of 5555 green GT "Golf" and Karstadt (a large chain of department stores in Germany) sold a variant called GT "Sport".

In 1991 yet another special edition of 1500 was sold celebrating 10 years of production and over half a million units sold, the GT Decade, and the ISO dial allowed selection of up to 1600.

Custom editions where sold to the automobile industry like this AUTOMINOX for Mercedes-Benz with the Mercedes corporate logo which sold on Ebay 2003/10/06 for 126EUR

In 1989 the normal GT retailed at 399DEM.

From serial number 5509000 in 1985 the last 144343 had film speeds of ISO 25 to 1600, similar to the 35 ML. 

02/03/22 93GBP
03/06/01 101EUR
04/06/26 91EUR
04/07/01 89EUR
04/07/11 79EUR
* 04/07/18 39.05EUR
04/07/18 42EUR case
04/08/12 56EUR
04/10/21 103.61USD

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