GT-E II - Minox 35mm

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The last model the Minox 35 range, similar the 35 GT-E but with improvements in constructions.

Grasp burls, front and back and soft touch lacquer. The Makrolon core of the camera is provided with a soft rubber coat making it feels like a pencil eraser. It is warm to touch and with the grip burls front and back gets makes for a comfortable firm hold.  The colour is a graphite grey. The first models with this coat apparently came to difficulties with the adhesion; the coating peeled. This problem, however, seems to be solved.

The camera was also sold as a set with the matching FC-E flash unit, shown here. Production ceased before October 2003, but some are still found in the shops with an asking price of 448EUR and 498EUR for the set.

Review by Robert E. Mayer, October, 2000 in Shutterbug

Film, format:
35 mm film, frame format
24 x 36 mm
MC- MINOXAR f/2,8/35 mm multi-coated lens with integrated skylight filter
Manual, focusing range 70 cm to infinity Snapshot setting ("green line")
Depth of field indicator:
Depth to field ring
Exposure mode:
Aperture priority with aperture setting 1/500 s to approx, 8 s with ISO 100/21, aperture setting stepless from 2,8 to 16
Illuminated frame viewfinder Parallax markings for 70 cm
shutter speed indicator with scale 1/30 s to 1/500 s
Overexposure warning/camera shake warning
Exposure override:
Switch for doubling exposure time
Self timer:
Self-timer with approx. 10 s countdown
Film speed setting:
ISO 25/15 to ISO 1600/33 including all intermediate values, manual setting
Flash connection:
Standard hot shoe. Automatically switches to sync. Speed X=1/125 s
Battery check:
Test button: pointer deflection to at least 1/125 s in viewfinder
Tripod thread:
1/4 in. on bottom of the camera
Cable release connection:
Standard thread next to shutter release button
Glass fibre re-enforced Makrolon, soft touch lacquer, black colour
Dimension (WxHxD):
10 x 6,1 x 3,4 cm
Approx. 200 g
Scope of delivery:
MINOX GT-E Incl. 2 lithium batteries CR 1/3 N:
Order number 60783 (meter), 60784 (feet).
Also available as Set (including flash and film):
Order number 60790 (meter), 60791 (feet).
Flash unit MINOX FC-E incl. leather case.
Order number 69151

02/04/28 192EUR
03/01/22 251EUR
03/01/26 196GBP set
03/09/30 57GBP (no box)
04/05/16 139.47EUR (red shutter button?)
04/05/23 252EUR #5674532
04/07/14 118.77EUR
04/10/27 145EUR #5762068
05/02/16 95GBP
05/06/12 126EUR
05/06/26 102USD
05/07/09 53.77EUR box
05/09/06 162.50USD box
06/01/21 219.50USD box
06/02/13 117.50USD box
06/11/19 236.50USD box

At the end of the first film used in the new from Minox camera with both camera and flash always carried and stored in their cases the wear is very apparent. The flash in fact has not been used, but the batteries where taken out between trips. The wear is therefore from taking out of it's case.

Last Updated on 20th September 2008