GT-X Special Edition - Minox 35mm

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The GT-X is the next to last expenditure of the GT series, it possesses the same characteristics as the GT-E, that means:

With similar specifications to the GT-E the GT-X has DX coding (automatic setting of film speed).

In 1995 a special edition of 1000 pieces were additional engraving in the viewfinder 50 years Minox. The engraving is at the lower edge of the viewfinder directly above the white frame 50 Jahre left, MINOX right. Contrary to the other limited special models (MT Touring, GT Decade, GT Golf) was not engraved with the serial number. A typical Minox understating. The Camera illustrated here is from this series.

*2002/02/05 300EUR direct,


02/07/22 261EUR
03/10/26 104EUR
03/10/26 116.65EUR
04/02/22 163EUR
04/05/04 223.56
04/09/21 159EUR
04/10/17 118.25EUR
04/11/11 149EUR
05/06/13 116GBP
06/06/02 152CHF (66.85GBP)
07/02/23 65GBP (box)
07/06/06 112EUR (box, flash)
07/22/35 149.99GBP (box, flash)

Set with flash and databack
04/07/04 199EUR
04/10/01 245USD new
04/10/26 165USD new
04/12/19 165USD new
05/02/16 222.50USD near new
06/06/25 121EUR in limited edition box with flash
07/04/25 190EUR with separate flash
08/07/07  120GBP


Last Updated on 7th July 2008