M*142 - Minox 35mm

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The M*142 is very similar to the CD range but has a soft touch finish. It has a  Minoxar 35-142mm M* lens. The handbook is un-dated.

It has the same appearance as the CD128 and CD140 but with a longer zoom and the black soft touch finish.

The sample blow shows signs of wear in the surface. It was purchased in 1998 for 399DEM and is now un-repairable.

02/07/21 67USD
02/08/21 56EUR
03/11/13 78USD
04/11/22 44.50EUR new
04/11/29 59EUR
04/12/06 35.50EUR
05/04/25 39USD new
06/08/12 16.20EUR

Last Updated on 12th August 2006