MDC Titan - Minox 35mm

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The MDC took over the mantle of the ultimate Minox 35mm from the 35 ML. It shares the same square style of the ML, the same LED shutter speed display in the view finder, same battery compartment (taking a PX28), the same MF35SF and MT 35 electronic flash units and also has a close focus of 90cm. Besides taking all the latest improvements in shutter and electronics from the ML it has the same MC Minoxar lens of the GT-E, but without the skylight filter.

The housing on the inside is still of Makrolon, however the front and rear have an aluminium coated with Titanal, a titanium aluminium alloy, giving a steel grey appearance. The lens cover door pulls down like on the GT-E, without the locking button of the 35 ML.

Also unusual for a Minox 35mm cameras is that is displays "MADE IN GERMANY" on the front plate, next to M.D.C and not MINOX.

There is also the MDC Collection 24 caret gold, a limited edition of 555 pieces..

MDC Titan Price 1994: 999DEM. only 2328 where made.

Aperture settings f2.8; 4; 5.6; 8; 11, 16 right to left.

Focus settings (in metres) 0.9; 1; 1.2; 1.5; 2; 3; 5; 10, infinity

Two additional variations, possibly since January 1994 (#7501893), both with "MINOX" and "M.D.C" below it. One has "MADE IN GERMANY" on the inside of the drop down cover. These appear to be less common that the sample above with "M.D.C Made in Germany" across, above left of the lens.


inside drop down cover to the left of the lens MINOX MDC and on the inside of the lens cover Made In Germany
02/02/21 265EUR box
02/06/04 334.33EUR MT35
03/04/29 267USD
03/03/16 299USD
06/05/02 436.01USD (box)
07/03/24 139GBP
08/04/27 178.77EUR

inside drop down to the left and above the lens "MDC Made in Germany"
02/03/02 281EUR
02/03/03 358EUR box
02/04/28 219.50USD
02/05/13 752EUR
02/10/16 318EUR
02/11/03 221EUR
02/11/19 297.61EUR
02/12/20 221EUR
03/01/14 341EUR MF35
03/04/29 355USD MT35
03/09/09 275USD
*03/09/10 275USD (box)
03/10/05 138.57EUR MT35
03/10/18 206EUR
03/10/30 203.37EUR
04/05/06 331.99EUR
04/06/27 254EUR
04/08/01 326EUR
04/09/26 241EUR
04/11/20 453USD #7501443
05/02/27 134.88EUR
05/07/10 221EUR
05/08/12 177EUR
05/09/19 166.32EUR
06/01/20 220GBP (tripod, filters)
06/06/29 140EUR (box)
07/02/25 116.55EUR
07/02/25 156.33EUR (box)
07/02/25 166EUR
07/06/24 118.66GBP (box)

Westlicht 2002/11/15 600EUR

The every ready case for the MDC appears to be identical to that for the all the other Minox 35mm cameras.

Last Updated on 26th December 2009