PE - Minox 35mm

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While other manufactures include a small flash into the camera Minox simply mould in a standard huge flash onto the standard camera!

The Minox C with an ME2 looks silly but always ready to out do themselves Minox marketed the 35 PE in 1982.

Like the 35 PL it has program exposure control. The top plate has an additional LED {red, green and yellow} for slow speed warning, battery check and flash ready signal.

Film, format:
35 mm film, frame format
24 x 36 mm
Minox Color - MINOTAR f/2.8 35 mm multi-coated lens 
Manual, focusing range 90 cm (3ft) to infinity Snapshot setting ("green spot")
Exposure mode:
Electronic program control (with aperture ring set to A) from 1/500 second at f/16 to 4 seconds at f2.8 with 100 ASA. Longest reliable time depends on film speed. e.g. 15 seconds with 25 ASA down to 1 second with 400 ASA
Slow-speed warning:
with exposure times longer than 1/30 second a red LED blinks on top of the cameral also visible in the finder via a fibre-optical light guide.
Illuminated frame viewfinder with slow speed warning signal and flash ready
shutter speed indicator with scale 1/30 s to 1/500 s
Overexposure warning/camera shake warning
Built in electronic computer flash of guide No.14 (m) or 46 (ft) at 100 ASA. Aperture selected by code letter according to film speed (a=f/2.8, b=f/4, c=f5.6, d=f/8, e=f/11).
Flash ready signal by yellow LED on camera top and in finder. Fixed shutter speed for flash: 1/90 second.
Exposure override:
Switch for doubling exposure time
Soft release, blocked if front cover is not fully open.
Self timer:
Self-timer with approx. 12 s countdown. Red flashing LED on camera front during delay time; flashing frequency increases in three steps.
Film speed setting:
ISO 25/15 to ISO 1600/33 including all intermediate values, automatic setting (DX-Code)
Flash connection:
Standard hot shoe. Automatically switches to sync. Speed X=1/125 s
Flash Battery:
Single AA alkaline manganese cell (1.5volts)
Battery check:
Test button: green LED signal
Tripod thread:
1/4 in. on bottom of the camera
Cable release connection:
Standard thread next to shutter release button
Glass fibre reinforced Makrolon, black colour
Dimension (WxHxD):
13.7 x 6.1 x 3.1 cm  (5.4 x 2.4 x 1.2 inches)
Approx. 210 g or 234g with battery (7.4 or 8.25 oz respectively)

* 02/02/27 50GBP
02/04/25 58EUR
03/01/31 23.50EUR
03/05/06 71EUR
03/10/19 66USD
04/01/17 40.48EUR (box)
04/02/28 51EUR (box)
04/04/04 57USD presentation box
*04/04/13 17EUR
04/07/06 102.50USD
05/10/01 33EUR presentation box
06/05/05 35.50EUR
06/05/29 30.02USD (case)
06/06/11 26USD (case)
06/06/22 67USD (box)
06/08/20 33.01GBP (box)
06/10/12 113.50USD (box)
08/02/03 50.45EUR (box)

Last Updated on 13th October 2006