PL - Minox 35mm

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The Minox 35 PL was added to the Minox range in 1982 and has fully automatic programme exposure control.


Film, format:
35 mm film, frame format
24 x 36 mm
Minox Color - MINOTAR f/2.8 35 mm multi-coated lens
Manual, focusing range 90 cm (3ft) to infinity Snapshot setting ("green spot")
Exposure mode:
Electronic program control (with aperture ring set to A) from 1/500 second at f/16 to 4 seconds at f2.8 with 100 ASA. Longest reliable time depends on film speed. e.g. 15 seconds with 25 ASA down to 1 second with 400 ASA
Slow-speed warning:
with exposure times longer than 1/30 second a red LED blinks on top of the cameral also visible in the finder via a fibre-optical light guide.
Illuminated frame viewfinder with slow speed warning signal.
shutter speed indicator with scale 1/30 s to 1/500 s
Overexposure warning/camera shake warning
Exposure override:
Switch for doubling exposure time
Soft release, blocked if front cover is not fully open.
Self timer:
Self-timer with approx. 12 s countdown. Red flashing LED on camera front during delay time; flashing frequency increases in three steps.
Film speed setting:
ISO 25/15 to ISO 1600/33 including all intermediate values, automatic setting (DX-Code)
Flash connection:
Standard hot shoe. Automatically switches to sync. Speed X=1/125 s
Battery check:
Test button: green LED signal
Tripod thread:
1/4 in. on bottom of the camera
Cable release connection:
Standard thread next to shutter release button
Glass fibre reinforced Makrolon, black colour
Dimension (WxHxD):
10 x 6.1 x 3.1 cm  (3.9 x 2.4 x 1.2 inches)
Approx. 190 g or 200g with battery (6.7 or 7.1 oz respectively)

01/09/19 160DEM
01/09/19 208DEM
02/05/25 51.20EUR box
02/06/13 42.50EUR
02/08/05 95EUR
02/11/03 90.10USD
02/11/13 52GBP box
02/11/16 56.50EUR
* 03/10/26 59EUR
03/11/30 24.50EUR
04/02/26 71USD
06/04/30 22.50EUR
06/06/18 62USD box
06/06/23 40EUR box FC35 flash
06/08/26 31.06EUR FC35 flash
07/02/24 16.16EUR box
07/05/05 35GBP
07/09/19 20.50EUR case
07/11/25 61.50USD box
08/01/05 58.77CHF (26.89GBP)
08/10/25 25USD (box)

Last Updated on 5th November 2008