The 1936 Boltavit model is a small cast-metal camera for 24x24mm exposures on 35mm film on special 'Bolta' spools. The camera has black leather on the front panel. B, 25-100 shutter. The 'S' on the shutter face is for "shutter lock".

Doppel Objectiv f7.7 40mm lens,

Boltar f7.7 40mm

Friedrich Corygon Anastigmat f4.5 40mm

Meyer Trioplan f3.5 40mm

Early version has large outside hinges on both ends and black enamel finish. The above sample has the shutter release lever damaged.

Further variants exist in the shutter face style.

82.5 x 55 x 57 mm, 180g

Ebay 2003/10/06 233.50USD, 2005/01/31 113.61USD (case), 2006/09/03 78GBP (with case), 2008/02/06 9.49GBP

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