Boltavit II black enamelled

Later version, in 1937,  has removable back with smooth ends, black enamelled or bright chrome plated, otherwise the same as the previous model.

Ebay 2003/01/21 29.88USD, 2004/07/11 29.99GBP (case, black), 2005/01/31 113.61USD (case), 2006/03/25 180EUR+commission, 2006/04/18 27USD, 2008/10/12 99USD (case)

Boltavit Bolta-Werk, 25 x 25, Friedrich "Corygon 2,9/4 cm", Prontor II. Boltavit name on exposure table Ebay 2006/03/25 200EUR+commission

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