Boltavit II bright chrome

Later version, in 1937,  has removable back with smooth ends, black enamelled or bright chrome plated, otherwise the same as the previous model.

The camera has a Friedrich AXINON Corygon Anstigmat f/4.5 or 40mm f/3.5 Trioplan by Meyer Gorlitz lens.


2004/02/07 21.51GBP, 2004/03/25 20USD (chrome), 2006/05/20 85EUR, 2006/09/03 59GBP (case), 2006/10/18 15GBP (case), 2007/08/13 46USD,

2008/01/22 157.50USD (40mm f/3.5 Trioplan by Meyer Gorlitz)

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