Photavit (Bolta-size)

In 1937 a change of name of company the first Photavit takes Bolta sized roll film.

Standard model is black enamel.

Luxus model is chrome with black leather front panel.

Early version has "Photavit" decals applied over the Boltavit name on the shutter face and back plate.

Corygon-Anstigmat f4.5 4cm, Doppel-Objekiv f7.7 4cm, Trioplan f4.5 4cm and Trioplan f3.5 4cm in Photavit shutter B, 25-100, and Trioplan

Primotar f3.5 4cm and Trioplan f2.9 4cm in Prontor II shutter.

The 'S' on the shutter means "shutter lock".

Ebay 2003/01/22 29.88USD (early with decals), 2004/11/23 115.83USD (early with decals), 2005/03/27 100.99USD (case, Meyer Gorlitz Trioplan f 3.5 4 cm lens), 2004/05/29 138.07EUR, 2005/01/30 5USD, 2005/03/08 68.88EUR, 2008/05/14 38.27EUR (no view finder)


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