Photavit V

Similar to the 1947 Photavit IV but with a Roschlein Luxar f2.9 38mm or Xenar f2.8 37.5mm lens in Vario, Prontor-S or Prontor-SV shutter introduced in 1951.

Röschlein Luxar 2,9/38 in Prontor-SV
Röschlein Luxar 2,9/38 in Prontor-S
Röschlein Luxar 2,9/38 in Vario


Röschlein Luxar 2,9/38 in Prontor-S

Ebay  2003/05/18 123.61USD, 2003/06/28 61.73EUR (case), 2003/07/26 202USD, 2003/10/11 32.37EUR, 2003/11/18 113.50USD (box, case, film, filters, instructions, film loader), 2003/11/24 79.03EUR (case), 2003/11/29 77.01EUR (case, film loader), 2004/09/04 62EUR, 2004/11/27 52EUR, 2005/08/28 43.40EUR, 2006/02/03 20.50EUR, 2007/08/09 65EUR



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