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Robot cameras start in 1934 with a 24x24mm negative on 35mm film loaded in a special cassette. This format is found in later cameras even after the Royal Recorder 36 of 1955 used a 24x36mm frame. Robot have also made half frame cameras as well as 12x24 and 6x24 recorder cameras. The Robot SC used a 16x16 frame on standard 35mm film in special cassettes and is perhaps the only model that is a subminiature, at least in have a true subminiature negative size.



Model year format
Robot I 1934-1938 24x24mm
Robot II 1939-1951 24x24mm
Robot Luftwaffe model 1940-1945 24x24mm
Robot IIa 1951-1953 24x24mm
Robot Star 1952-1959 24x24mm
Robot Junior 1954-1960 24x24mm
Robot Star II Vollautomat   1958- 1969 24x24mm
Robot Recorder 6 1955 6x24mm
Robot Recorder 12 1955 12x24mm
Robot Recorder 18 1955 18x24mm - half-frame
Robot Recorder 24 1955 24x24mm
Robot Recorder 24e 1959 24x24mm
Robot Recorder 24F 1963-1965 24x24mm
Robot Recorder 36 1955 24x36mm - full-frame
Robot Royal III 1953-1957 24x24mm
Robot Royal 18 1955-1959 18x24mm - half-frame
Robot Royal 24 1957-1969 24x24mm
Robot Royal 36 1955-1959 24x36mm - full-frame
Robot Star 25 1969- 24x24mm
Robot Star 50 1969- 24x24mm
Robot SC electronic 35 1982- 16x16mm
OS 35F    


The most definitive work on documenting the Robot range of cameras can be found on the German web site The technical specifications are easy enough to follow and the photographs graphically show every aspect of the models.

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