Rollei 35 75 Years (1995)

Special edition of the Rollei 35 Classic engraved on the back "Rollei 1920 75 YEARS 1995".  Gold plated body, with the top and bottom in a high polish lustre finish. Next to the viewer window in the front of the camera is a solid 18K gold plate with a diamond insert. Sonnar f2.8 40mm.

Original price in 1995 was 6,500DEM (3,250USD).

Rollei only made 900 camera, between January and December 1995, to celebrate the 75 Years of the Rollei factory. Serial numbers are engraved on the top of the camera and are marked 01/01-75/01 through to 01/12-75/12 indicating the month of production.

Camera came in a set including flash 20REB, brown real leather case with black piping, Mahogany wooden presentation box, 75th Anniversary book.

Ebay 2004/11/21 1025USD


Last updated 5th October 2005