Rollei 35 Classic Platinum (1992-1997)

The Rollei 35 Classic Platinum was Made in Germany between May 1990 until the end of 1997. 2-500, B. Sonnar f2.8 40mm. All parts are platinum plated except for chrome plated lens barrel and gold plated shutter and lens release.

Camera weight 370g. 100.8 x 44.8 x 70.8 mm. Original price in 1997 was 3,600DEM (1,800USD).

1120 Rollei 35 Classic Platinum cameras were made. Serial numbers are coded (5)(6)(7)

The Rollei 35 was delivered in a silver box with grey lens cap, grey real leather case with black piping, gold plated hand strap, multi lingual manual and REB 20 flash unit.

Ebay 2003/12/28 605EUR (set with flash), 2004/08/08 898USD (black), 2005/06/22 327.65EUR (black), 2005/08/26 480CHF (209.65GBP)

Last updated 5th October 2005