Rollei 35 S (silver) (1978-79)  

Special edition of the Rollei 35 S with silver leather covered. US edition has laurel wreath on front. No body number on black of top housing. Space for name engraving on back. Was sold in 1980s for 99USD.

Only 3000 where made with laurel oak leaves and 5000 without. Manufactured in Singapore between October 1978 and July 1979. The reason for this special edition was not given, but some suspect it was to mark a production output of 1.5 million Rollei 35 cameras.

Ebay 2002/10/27 334EUR, 2003/04/08 230USD, 2003/06/09 470USD, 2003/07/25 405USD, 2003/10/01 609.99USD, 2003/12/26 231EUR, 2004/06/13 512USD (case), 2004/06/20 535USD (new), 2004/08/08 599USD (case), 2004/08/08 305USD (box), 2006/0/25 325USD, 2006/04/03 525USD (laurel wreath)

Last updated 4th April 2006