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There are 15 models and 31 or so variations in the Rollei 35mm range renown for the quality of the optics and their compact size.

Rollei 35 unit numbers are a total into the millions. However, good, mint condition examples are relatively rare as people use them a lot.  A good user can be had for as little as 50EUR but a excellent plus to mint minus user will generally cost you 100-150EUR. The high end is for a German Tessar version, the Singapore Tessars at the bottom and the Singapore Sonnars in the middle to high end. Sonnar lens models make a superb picture.

The Rollei 35 was introduced in 1966 and continued until 1999. Designed by Heinz Waaske, who was also responsible for the Edixa Electronica, Edixa 16, Rollei 16, Rollei A26, Rollei A110, Rolleimatic, Voigtlander Vitoret 110 and others.

Signs to look for:-

Many cameras have dents. They are surprisingly heavy which may have contributed to this problem, as well as being carried with out a case.

The lens can only be retracted when the shutter is armed. If forced this will break the fitting.

Shutter speeds from 1/2 to 1/15 second are often sticky. Shutters can be cleaned in 95% of cases.

The light meter is sometimes not working. Meters can be repaired in 75% of cases but for LED types.

Prices in Germany, in EURO, are a fraction of the auction price in USD even when sold by German dealers.

Unlike Minox 35mm cameras few Rollei 35mm cameras are sold with original packaging, other than the special editions. Original white covered German/European boxes or USA Honeywell boxes are rare.

Rollei marketed cameras with coloured leather in North America, but most of those seen on sale are recent alterations to standard black leather cameras.

Variations include difference scales size on the lens, on the shutter steering wheel. A lever or a wheel to set shutter release. There are different cases and boxes. There is also a Rollei Tear 3.5/40mm lens.


Rollei 35 (black markings) (1966)

The first Rollei 35, Made in Germany with "Compur - Gossen - Zeiss" in the chrome on the back of the body.  Only 100 made.

Rollei 35 (1966-1974)

All metal camera with coupled CdS with readout on top. Rollei-Compur shutter 2-500,B. Black or chrome. Made in Germany or Singapore. Carl Zeiss Tessar or Rollei Tessar f3.5 40mm.

  • Black dark brown simulated crocodile leather, made in Singapore.
  • Gold light reptile leather made in Germany
  • Chrome or black, Made in Germany
  • Chrome, Made in Singapore
  • Black or chrome, Made in Singapore Schneider X-Xenar f3.5 40mm

Rollei B35 (1969-78)

Also designated Rollei 35B. Simplified version of the Rollei 35 with Triotar f3.5 40mm lens and selenium light meter. 30-500, B. Made in Germany or Singapore. Black or chrome.

Rollei 35 LED (1978-1980)

Modernized 35B with silicon light meter and LED in finder. All made in Singapore, black only. 30-500, B shutter. Triotar f3.5 40mm lens.

Rollei C35 (1969-71)

Also designated 35C. Like B35 but no light meter. Made in Germany. Also with Oberkochen Option Tr. 4000 pieces made.

Rollei 35 T(1974-80)

When Rollei introduced the 35S (S for Sonnar) the Rollei 35 was renamed 35T (for Tessar). Made in Singapore, 2-500,B. Tessar f3.5 40mm. Black or Chrome.

Rollei 35TE (1974-80)

Similar to Rollei 35T, but with battery compartment on top plate and CdS meter with 3 LEDs in finder. 20-500,B. Made in Singapore. Tessar f3.5 40mm. Black or chrome.

Rollei 35 S (1974-1980)

Like the Rollei 35 but with a better lens. S for Sonnar. CdS meter readout on top. Made in Singapore. With Sonnar f2.8 40mm lens.

Chrome or black body.

Gold with brown lizard leather manufactured in 1980, as new in wooden presentation box with certificate "60 Year Anniversary Camera" numbered 1 to 1500. Gold Rollei 35S without special numbers on the back and certificate could be replicas.

Rollei 35 S (Silver) (1978-79)

Special edition of the Rollei 35 S with silver leather covered. US edition has laurel wreath on front. No body number on black of top housing. Space for name engraving on back. Was sold in 1980s for 99USD. 3000 pieces.

Rollei 35 Platin 1986

Special Edition, similar to Rollei 35S. Platinium with reptile leather. Numbered 1-444 on back, sold exclusively by Foto Hansa, Cologne, Germany. Made in Germany . Sonnar f2.8 40mm. List 1986 DM2400.

Rollei 35 SE (1980-82)

Similar to Rollei 35S, but with battery compartment on top plate and CdS meter with 3 LEDs in finder. 2-500,B. Made in Singapore. Sonnar f2.8 40mm lens. Black or chrome.

Rollei 35 Classic black (1990-1998)

Back to basics of the Rollei 35S with slight improvements. Lens release on front and hot shoe on top. Made in Germany. 2-500, B. Sonnar f2.8 40mm.

Rollei 35 Titanium (1992)

Rollei 35 Classic with Titanium finish. Sonnar f2.8 40mm.

Rollei 35 75 Years (1995)

Special edition of the Rollei 35 Classic. Gold plated body, wooden presentation case. Sonnar f2.8 40mm.

Rollei 35 Royal (1997)

Special edition of the Rollei 35 Classic. Sonnar f2.8 40mm.

Rollei Nano 60

APS format 28-60mm

Rollei Nano 80

APS format. (1999) 28-80mm (f4.0/10.8) autofocusing zoom lens. Built in flash. Dioptre adjustment. Optional wireless remote.

Rollei Prego 30

The Rollei Prego 30 is an extra-stylish, compact 35mm camera with an all-metal body and a high-performance 30mm Rollei-Apogon lens f/3.5 HFT.  Weighing only 150 g and measuring 99 x 63 x 32 mm, the attractive camera is very easy to handle and operate.

Rollei 35 QZ


Motorized film transport. Metal housing, DX coding, Vario Apogon 28-60/2.8-5.6,10 lens 7 groups,


For more information, please take a look on this page: http://www.rolleiclub.com/rollei/index2.htm


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