Tessina Chains

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The chain is not seen on it's own and sold with the tripod adapter. The adapter however is often sold without the original chain.

Tessina - tripod and chain plate

The chain is long enough to hang the camera from the neck, but as the attachment is a third down on the base of the camera it hangs at an odd angle. Although the camera can be stored in the hard case and hung from the neck it is not easy to remove the case to use the camera from this position.

Date of Manufacture  
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay
*2001/10/24 49USD
2002/02/13 55USD
2002/03/10 30.50EUR
2006/09/21 14.05USD (tripod adapter)

There is no Tessina made tripod and so most Tessina owners use the Minox tripod. An alternative choice is the Tuxi tripod with it's extendable legs. The cable release can not be left to hang as it interferes with viewfinder and may get into the photograph.

Last Updated on 21st September 2006