Tessina - display box

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Standard Red and blue box

The original boxes have a brass button clip at the front. The modern version is just a clamp shell shutting. the box has no space for fitted accessories.

*2002/03/10 35.50EUR
2003/02/04 30USD
2008/04/29 103.50USD

White display box

The white polystyrene box has spaces for four film boxes, film loader, the camera, hard case and an open space in the front for an assortment of accessories. It is usually supplied with a large print that fits into the insert on the top of the box.

Purchased 2003/05/05
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 19.95USD
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay
2003/03/28 21USD
2003/04/17 34USD
2003/05/05 22.50USD
*2003/05/05 19.95USD


Last Updated on 3rd May 2008