Tessina Sports Finder, Prism Finder, Magnifier

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Besides the standard supplied pop-up eye level viewer the Tessina has a number of alternatives available.


These include:-

Standard finder - eye level £bay 2006/06/07 71USD

The pentaprism reverses the view from the frosted glass waist level finder of the camera so is the correct orientation.

The x6 prism finder is darker than the x8 chimney magnifying viewer possibly because of the extra optics, a longer light path and less magnification.

The x8 magnifier is designed to be used against the eye. This makes it more cumbersome in use than the un-aided viewfinder (ground glass) used from waist level, except for close up work and in landscape mode (wider horizontally than vertically) as a right angle finder when you turn 90 degrees to the subject.

The magnifying glass for the ground glass does not work very well. Some are loose and you need to cup with your hand to cut out the light but then have no easy way to release the shutter.

The sports finder appears to be like the standard finder but has no optics in it. It fits to the plate behind the aperture dial replacing the instruction plate, meter, cold shoe or 17 jewel watch. Presumably used when the x8 magnifier or pentaprims has been fitted.

Last Updated on 4th July 2006