Tessina Flash Units / EMO

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A small cold shoe flash plate is available to attach to the camera next to the view finder.

There are no purpose built flash units for the Tessina. The EMO B-C flash gives the narrow profile that restricts the choice of suitable flash units (below) and the Minox 8x11 electronic flash can use used.

Model Cold shoe Flash bracket (needs tripod adapter)
Finish/colour silver/matt aluminium  
Purchased 2002/12/08  
Date of Manufacture    
Cost 31USD  
Current Value    
Auction Price Ebay
*2002/12/08 31USD
2004/04/24 27EUR
2004/05/22 21.23EUR
2004/09/18 21GBP
2003/04/07 41USD

Very similar to the Minox Ur B-C flash unit but with a plastic shell and heavy leather case the EMO-Elektronik was manufactured by Arthur Selbert & Co., Wetzlar, Germany.

Model EMO Elektronik
Finish/colour fawn and grey plastic with stainless steel fan
Case leather button case with belt loop
Purchased 2002/06/30
Date of Manufacture
Cost 15EUR
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2007/12/24 46USD, 2008/04/21 30.51EUR (case)

 Using the Tessina with electronic flash units

Last Updated on 3rd May 2008