Chadt Cam 2002 Prototype

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Sample not available - a single prototype exists.

Designed by Carsten Chadt, an all metal camera using the Minox 8x11 film format cassette but with an expect retail price of only 200EUR. Investors are sought to enable this design to be manufactured.

It is a lovely small and valuable metal-camera and the sample pictures Carsten Chadt showed at the November 2002 1st German Minox club meeting were of an astounding quality. It has a fixed shutter speed of 1/180 second and the aperture can be set from f/4 to f/11 (without stops!). Lens: 14.3 mm, fixed focus.

The viewfinder shows 90% of the real picture and the film advance works with a knob.

Sample photographs all taken at the Photokina 2002 with the Cam 2002 and the 800 ASA Fuji Nexia  APS-Emulsion film: - Minox stand, cosmetics, kiss.

Model Cam 2002
Serial #  
Finish/colour Aluminium
Lens 14.3mm, fixed focus, 3-lens
Aperature f4-f16 continuous variable
Shutter 1/180 second
Date of Manufacture prototype only - no production yet
Cost expected 200EUR retail
Current Value  
Auction Price  

Above, Carsten Chadt with the CAM 2002 prototype.

Last updated 8th October 2005