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In the early 2000s several one-third scale classic cameras that use the Minox film cartridge were made by Sharan Megahouse. These were manufactured in Japan under the Sharan label. The Minox Leica IIIf is an OEM version of the Sharan Leica IIIf, similarly the Minox Leica M3 and Leica 1F although it appears that the lens may be different. All the Sharan Classic Miniatures use a AZONO F/5.6 15mm lens.

Although the appearance from the front of the camera match those of the original few of the buttons or levers are functional. The models of SLR (the Nikon and Pentax) have a pop up view finder. The Rolleiflex does have a more authentic viewer and pops up to be used like the original.

The basic mechanism on all models appears to be similar with a single shutter speed (1/250th) and fixed aperture. In good summer light conditions these produce excellent results. For more normal lighting conditions the results are disappointing by Minox standards. Do not expect these to even approach the flexibility of a 50 year old Minox A and a modern Minox ECX would be a better choice for taking photographs.

There are reports on the lens quality being varied, so some produce un-acceptable results and others far better.

The standard case is a transparent presentation cube box. Lens caps and basic strap are included. There is a real leather case for each model. Wooden box sets with either flash, tripod and cases or a pair or more cameras are also available.

More details at and the family shown at

Amin Camera Ltd
210-18-3-3 Shinkanaoka Street
Sakai City Osaka

The Sharan range was expensive in Japan. There is not a used market for Sharan in Japan, and it's market price is very fixed onto their current list price (May 2002, Feb 2004) such as:- 

Model Yen (JPY) May 2002 Feb 2004
(GBP) $ (USD) (GBP) $ (USD)
Asahi Pentax Sp 29800 169 280 151 293
Contax I  35000 198 350 178 344
Hasselblad SWC 39800 226 380 202 391
Nikon F  24000 136 250 122 236
Nikon F black 32000 182 295 163 314
Nikon F EX 29800 169 500 151 293
Nikon SP 29800 169 169 151 293
Leica If 35000 198 350 178 344
Leica IIIf  29800 169 250 151 293
Leica IIIf Swedish Army 32000 182 295 163 314
Leica IIIf EX 29800 169 295 151 293
Leica M3 29800 169 295 151 293
Leica M3 black 32000 182 330 163 314
Leica M3 Gold 100000 568 1100 508 983
Leica M3 Military 32000 182 330 163 314
Olympus Pen-F (black or chrome) 24000 n/a n/a 122 236
Robot I 29800 n/a n/a 151 293
Rolleiflex 2.8F 38000 216 380 193 373
Sharan B (12 models) 13300 n/a n/a 67.60 130

Fujicolour ultra compact MC007 29,800YEN This is not Sharan but uses Minox size film.

Rolleiflex case is $150, Contax I and Leica M3 cases are $120 and the other cameras $110

1GBP = 176JPY, 1USD = 126JPY, 1EUR=117JPY  (May 2002)

1GBP = 196JPY, 1USD = 102JPY

Thanks to Takashi Kikkawa for the price information.

Fitted to the original cameras:-


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