Sharan Rolleiflex F2,8

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The Rolleiflex F2.8 is a large format twin lens camera with square images. The Sharan Rolleiflex F2.8 uses Minox 8x11 film. The pop up view finder can be used like the original. Fixed focus, fixed aperture and fixed shutter speed the only functional part is the film winder arm and shutter release.

Ebay 2002/07/22 280USD, 2003/05/13 305USD, 2003/05/30 312USD, 2004/03/19 300EUR, 2005/02/28 306USD, *2004/09/20 455USD (kit with flash and tripod), 2005/08/06 255USD, 2005/08/28 224.47USD, 2006/11/25 220EUR, 2007/10/13 220EUR, 2007/11/02 77USD, 2008/08/10 140GBP

The Rollei F2.8 is also supplied in wooden presentation box with lens cap, case, neck strap, electronic strobe, tripod and film.

The Rollei logo on the front of the pop up cover for the viewfinder opens for use as a direct line of site viewer.

photographs by micame

Last updated 28th September 2008