"Deck of Cards" a parody

A pack of playing cards reminds me of Minox

When I see the Ace I am reminded that there is only one Minox Ur.
When I see the deuce I remember the post war model was call the Minox A II.
When I look upon the trey I recall the next model was the III and then the IIIs - three variations in the Model A.
A four calls for the four versions of Minox B - Wetzlar, lattice, honeycomb and Minox lens.
A five, for the five variations of Minox C (no UV filter, Complan, raised rim, flat rim, red LED).
A six because there are six Minox Classics (Leica IIIf, Leica IIIf black, Leica 1f, Leica M3, Contax I and Hasselblad).
A seven for the seventh camera the BL (after Riga, AII, AIII, AIIIs, B, C).
An eight because of the 8x11 format and the eight models (Riga, A, B, C, BL, LX, EC, AX).
A nine because of the nine accessories (right angle finder, reflex finder, tripod, copy stand, filters, binocular attachment, flash bulb and cube units and electronic flash) and for the nine models of Compact 35mm cameras (CD25, CD29, CD70, CD112, CD128, CD140, CD150, CD155, M*142).
A ten of the ten models of LX (LX chrome/black, TLX, CLX, LX 2000, LX selection, LX Gold, LX Platin, LX sterling, Aviator, LX 100th Anniversary Edition 2005).

The Knave reminds me of the 110s and CD25, only one of each format.
The Queen reminds me of all the special edition version in precious metals and in particular the gold B given to HRH Prince Phillip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II.
The King because the Minox is the king of all subminiature cameras with a reign of over 65 years.

the joker for the 110L and Notebook cameras - ideas that never happened.

Four suits because of the ranges 8x11, 35mm, CD and DC.
Thirteen cards in a pack remind me of the 13 35mm models (AL, EL, PL, PE, GL, GT, ML, MB, MDC, GSE, GT-E, GT-X, GT-S).

I leave off matching the dots on the card because they don't add up to 365
"If the cards were double-ended the total would be:
4 * (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 +10 + 2 + 2 + 2) = 244
If the cards were double-ended and had 2 index signs on each card, the total would be:
244 + (4 * ( 2 * 13)) = 348" and this was a deliberate mistake as all Almanac have errors!


Last Updated on 7th January 2006